The Startupreneur® Venturer is a Global Startup Experience Program for anyone wanting to startup or learn about startups. It is a blend of an experiential online program with masterclasses and mentoring from global experts. The Startupreneur is a UK based venture co-founded by two alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE).


Who Can Attend


If you want to refine your idea or business model to make it market and funding ready!


Whether you are working in a job or on a break this is the best time to explore how to startup!


Whether you are in school or college and want to startup or intern with a startup!


If you are a teacher or an educator who wishes to learn and teach Entrepreneurship!


If you are a freelancer wanting to scale or just an enthusiast who wants to learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Up Learn what exactly is a Startup and how you can startup.
Idea Discover the various ways in which sustainable startup ideas are generated,
Market Research Learn how to take your idea forward by understanding your customer.
Product Learn how to build a winning product in the most cost efficient manner.
Business Model Understand the 9 building blocks of the famous ‘Business Model Canvas’
Pricing Discover how to price your product and generate revenues.
Marketing How to acquire the first 10 customers for your startup?
Team Learn how to hire the first few employees and build a strong team.
Technology Learn how to leverage the best technology tools in building your product.
Funding Learn how to make your startup investor-ready.
Legal Know about the various legal procedures while starting a company.
Go to Market Prepare a strategy for your launch and get ready to enter the market!
The Program is curated and taught has been curated by some of the top experts from leading MNC's, successful Startups, London School of Economics, Cambridge, Harvard University, Stanford, Wharton, IIT-M and IIM-B. You will receive the exact list of speakers for your cohort at the time of registration. Here is a list of some of our mentors and speakers for the Startupreneur Venturer Program:
Jaideep Prabhu Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Cambridge, UK
Om Narasimhan Professor, London School of Economics (LSE), UK
Goda Raghavan Alumnus of London School of Economics and Lawyer with international experience.
Parthasarathy Alumni Head, IIM-B & Author of Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship
Vidyangi Patil Author and Innovator from Silicon Valley, USA and R42, Stanford.
Vaibhav Anand Faculty at National Institute of Design (NID) & Product Designer
Shruti Kedia Investment Banker and Former Director of Funding and Finance at WeWork
Shilpa Manari Alumnus of Harvard Business School and held several leadership positions.
Shilpa Ajwani Ex-CEO, Tupperware India & CEO, Unomantra
Daniel Quevedo Professor of Innovation at University of Chile
Sujoy Chaudhary Co-founder of Airim which got acquired by Whatfix
Slava Og Co-founder of Finverity, a Global Fintech Startup
Davranbek T Co-founder, iDoctor, a Global Healthtech Startup
Priyanka Hongal Alumni, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania & Part of funding advisory team at Ernst & Young.
We have specifically designed this program keeping in mind, the student's future life and career prospects. This program provides a great opportunity to network with alumni, professors and experts from globally reputed universities, MNC's and startups and prepares them for the journey ahead.
Higher Studies: This program provides a great opportunity for students to interact with alumni and professors of leading institutions not only in India but globally. This helps them build their profile while going for their higher studies. We will also be providing a letter of recommendation to some of the students performing well in the program.
Internships: Employers, MNC’s and Startups today are now looking for entrepreneurial talent to join their workforce. This program sets students apart when they are looking to secure internship opportunities or while attending interviews.
Starting Up: Whether they want to follow their passion or start a venture, this program prepares them for the journey ahead. They are not only equipped with skills of a startup but also run their own business. Have a look at some of the student experiences here.
This program provides a pathway for working professionals to progress to the next step of their career.
Starting Up: Being your own boss is always an aspiration for a working professional. Anybody wishing to startup in the next few years or wanting to explore a side hustle till they gain confidence in their business idea could benefit from this program.
Work with Startups: If you are working in a role that involves working with startups or the innovation team, this program will add great value. This will also prepare a working professional to think and act like startups if they are looking at such job opportunities.
Intrapreneurship: In a post-covid, companies are looking to hire employees with an entrepreneurial mindset to innovate. This program is based on concepts such as Frugal Innovation framework followed by leading companies globally. Have a look at some of the participant experiences here.
This platform is more than relevant for startups, because it does not only take you through the entire experience of starting a venture, but also gives you a better understanding and helps you relate to the niche concepts that are vital to a startup’s sustainability. By the end of the program you will have a business model at hand, with a defined value proposition and a pitch deck that is funding ready. You will develop a network spanning across the globe and may even meet a prospect co-founder along the way!
This program covers major aspects pertaining to Entrepreneurship and highlights the nitty-gritties associated with starting a venture. It would enable you to experience entrepreneurship first hand. The case-studies and experiences of entrepreneurs, which come as a part of the Venturer platform, presents Entrepreneurship in a different light and shall help you impart the knowledge of business in a relatable manner. Connecting with a diverse cohort and with experts from various prestigious institutions will give you fresh perspectives and enable knowledge exchange that will benefit you as a faculty and as an individual.
As a freelancer it is essential that you keep up with the dynamic nature of work. We’ve designed this program with elite institutions and entrepreneurs ensuring that it meets the needs of the 21st century. The program is designed to give you a holistic view of a startup, right from ideation to the investor round. You will learn how to scale your operations and identify a much bigger opportunity for your business undertaking. Not to forget, the vast network that you will obtain as a participant in the course of the program may also become a prospect for your next venture!
The Startupreneur Venturer Program follows a completely experiential process with participants undertaking a series of fun and exciting activities in order to proceed to the next level and gain invaluable experiences while doing so. The participants are put into focus groups during the weekend Masterclasses with high-quality fellow peers providing opportunities for networking and peer learning. This is very different from any other online program experience as described by our participants.
The program is a blend of an Online Experiential Program which is self-paced at your leisure throughout the duration of the program. The Masterclasses are held LIVE each weekend for the program duration on a Saturday and/or Sunday. The schedule of the Masterclasses will be sent to you at the time of registration.
We follow a the world’s first ‘Eternal Masterclass’ with every masterclass being recorded and made accessible to the participant even if they miss it live due to work or personal commitments because of which they will still be able to interact with the experts post the live session.
The average effort taken during the program is just 1-2 hours per week. The program has been designed to keep everyone excited and motivated during these difficult times in the ‘New Normal’ and present them with an opportunity to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset with guidance and mentorship from global experts and more importantly chart out their present goals as well as an ambitious future career path in a Post-Covid World.
Post the completion of the program, you will receive a Global Certificate of Startupreneurship during a special virtual graduation ceremony that will streamed across various countries. This will also lead to future opportunities depending on which pathway you would like to choose after the program.
Post the completion of the program, not only will you receive a global certificate but also take with you a solid network of professionals, professors and domain experts. You will be part of the ever growing Startupreneur community which can help you in the future. We will also be supporting you if you have an idea and require any help to take it forward.
The Startupreneur® is a UK based EdTech Venture co-founded by two alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE). We are revolutionising the way Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses are taught, learnt and delivered across the globe. Courses created on the Startupreneur Platform follow a unique gamification approach towards experiential online learning which has been proven by industry leading completion rates. The founders bring in their extensive experience of working in organisations like Goldman Sachs, IIM Bangalore, Keiretsu Forum and Facebook. We are supported by prestigious institutions like the London School of Economics (LSE), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M), and the UK Department for International Trade (UK-DIT).
We are always happy to hear you out and clarify any doubts you may have regarding the programme. You can reach out to us via e-mail at or WhatsApp us on +91 8217399140 or +44 7831353447.

Program Format

Experiential Program

Our online startup program is completely practical and experiential. The curriculum has been curated by professors, entrepreneurs and alumni from the best schools in the world.


Masterclasses on specific topics and mentorship from professors, domain experts, advisers and successful startup founders who will teach and clarify your doubts.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Startupreneurship along with support to develop their idea to the next level.

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