Idea: Gangu Tai - Gangu Tai is an online aggregator that connects people and domestic helpers. The platform allows one to hire and manage help with the Gangu Tai App.

I have always been inclined towards Entrepreneurship for as long as I can remember. Apart from the role models in my life, I never would’ve imagined experiencing the essence of entrepreneurship through a course like this one. I would like to thank the Startupreneur Team for everything I have learnt throughout the course, be it the creativity process or the financial aspects of Starting up. The program has given me invaluable templates that I plan to work on in the future too. I love the fact that the course was so detailed and concise at the same time, all the while also keeping me engrossed in the program.
What also struck me was the ability of this team to teach lethargic subjects like the law in such a brief, yet coherent manner. The cohort in this program also made the entire experience commendable, I learnt from my fellow participants as much as I did from my mentors in the program. Special thanks to the founders Mr. Aakarsh and Mr. Adhikar who were present throughout the course and have helped me understand the aspects of Entrepreneurship in a commendable manner!
I would like to congratulate and thank the Startupreneur team for all the efforts each one has put in, be it the continuous follow up or the space for each participant to share one's thoughts. The course was well managed and kept us engaged throughout the program and I really enjoyed going through the content. The Venturer program gave me a chance to think and feel like an entrepreneur. I also came to learn that telling a story will open avenues for more connections and that a customer may be the most important element for a business, but the need for the same should not push businesses to leave their values behind.
I will be applying the storytelling tactic from the Venturer program for my future marketing endeavors! My involvement in sourcing projects for i-TTO helped me gain a better understanding of Startups as well as my organisation as a whole, which is also fairly new adding to my entrepreneurship experience!
I must congratulate the entire team of Startupreneur for putting together such a wonderful show. I come from a completely corporate background and had no specific idea as I guide and work with Startups in contrast to being a part of one myself. Through this program I came to better understand the challenges that Startups face. Right from our first session where we were introduced to Ideation, Business Models and Pricing techniques, each session was very important for me at i-TTO.
All the sessions have been very interactive and the modules provided in the program have been very interesting. Kudos to the entire team for organising this program!
I recently got an offer from the LSE to do my Masters in Finance and I have been looking to get into Private Equity but the Covid situation halted my plans. So as I foraged through courses that could keep me occupied this year, I was introduced to the Venturer program. The aspects of the course that really caught my eyes were the fact that this course was curated by two LSE Alumni and that the program was not just teaching theory but had an added benefit of Masterclasses! These classes were not just giving us general ideas on Marketing or product development, but we had experts like Prof Jaideep Prabhu coming in to address us on Frugal Innovation, which I believe is such a niche area of product development but so very important and this really intrigued me.
I have gained fresh perspectives, especially from the Masterclasses in various areas of Starting up. The Platform is also such an important aspect of this program because it doesn't just give a general idea of the concepts, but it goes into the details of the entire journey of Starting up with highlights on Technology, Case-Studies and Legal aspects. I personally had never heard of a pitch deck before and I came to learn how to create one for myself, which was remarkable. If I were to one day Startup, I will definitely be cognizant of the legal aspects I picked up from this platform! The personalised mentoring sessions of the Global Track also helped me immensely. I have found a mentor in Mr. Adhikar and I give him a special mention for that!

Idea: Confidence, reusable and customizable Adult Diapers

Being a part of the program has really been a great experience. While much of it looks very commonsensical and simple, you start to notice the complexity as you piece together the concepts and start putting things down on paper. All the assignments, the course content, Case-Studies and the experts that addressed us through the Masterclasses have given me a great deal of exposure, be it the term sheets or the P&L statements. My day job requires me to work with Startups and my major motivation to join this program has been to understand the nuances of how Startups work and it was really nice to be on the other side, especially as I started to conceptualise and start building a Business.
I too came up with an idea during the course of the program. My business idea, Confidence, is a cloth/sustainable diapering alternative for adults, which I essentially think is an emerging area, especially as the world is heading towards a more economically and environmentally conscious spectrum of thinking. Through my business idea in the Venturer program I hope to create a world where the elderly are more confident in their day-to-day lives.

Idea: ENOLA TON.1, an AI based personal support system

The objective behind joining the Venturer Platform for me was to get closer to Entrepreneurship. The program did not only require me to come up with an idea, but also evolve it as I progressed. Through the Venturer Platform I sought to address the feeling of isolation and loneliness as a result of the pandemic. My business idea, ENOLA TON.1, is a personal support system, with integrated Artificial Intelligence. The complexity of this idea and it’s sheer technology requirements may seem unattainable, but pursuing this idea throughout the venturer program helped me learn and shape my understanding of Startups in a great manner.
I joined this program with a notion of it being just another certificate program but this platform has completely changed my views of Starting up. Especially as a to-be graduate of Commerce, I did not see myself venture into technical domains like IoT and AI but this program has enabled this transformation. The Startupreneur really helped me come out of my shell! From the evening Masterclasses to the mentoring, I will always carry forward these learnings and the amazing experiences the platform has given me.
As a paediatrician I experience the parents’ pain points and have been working towards making vaccinations accessible, affordable and accountable for. Through this business endeavor my team and I hope to change the entire experience around the process of vaccination. In this regard, the Startupreneur Venturer has been such a wonderful experience! Every Saturday of the month, I would rush to close the clinic just to make sure I make it to the Masterclasses on time, ensuring that I didn’t miss out on anything interesting on the Platform.
As far as the program is concerned, it is one which gives value for money, where I for one have received in generous amounts for what I have invested. The experiential learning imparted from this program was completely different, because each of the experts that came into the program gave us their own experiences, it was not of the classroom-textbook sort, which I believe is absolutely priceless and the highest form of learning. The entire program is superbly crafted and has truly masterly masterclasses! I must congratulate the entire team on their remarkable work!

Idea: Swacch, a breath analyser

As an entrepreneur, I have been working on the idea of a breath analyser, which is very relevant to the current pandemic situation. I joined this program wanting to gain an understanding of how to build a sales pitch and I must say, this program has really helped me pitch my business idea to 17 investors. Thanks to everyone on this platform, because of whom my team and I were finally able to get the desired funding. The slide deck which came as a part of the program especially helped us achieve this great big milestone for our team. The Uber deck especially in the Masterclass stood as a great example for my own team, as we created our pitch deck to be precisely 11 slides each and that really turned things around for us.
Despite my years of experience in Sales and Marketing, I have still managed to take a great deal of knowledge from the program. Extremely happy to be acquainted with this wonderful group and my excitement for Innovation will definitely bring me back to this team!

Idea: Guram, Authentic Bhutanese Candy

I started Guram 2 years ago and wasn’t able to give it my all due to my academic commitments. The Startupreneur Venturer Program was the first step that I took towards working on my business after graduating. The problem I’m focusing on, through Guram, is to reduce the import of candy in Bhutan. While this may seem trivial for some, it was a big step for me, because the amount of money Bhutan spends on importing candy is surprisingly high. So I thought that with my company I could encourage domestic production of candies and also help Bhutanese Farmers realize the potential that Bhutanese herbs and spices hold.
This program has been amazing. One of the key challenges I’ve faced with my business has been identifying the flaws in it. This program really gave me a lot of points of view and definitely helped me look at my business from different fields and perspectives. In the future I hope to keep working on Guram; I will not give up and am determined to make it a reality. My idea may not be perfect, but I’m definitely inching a step closer because of this program.

Idea: Moducar, a modular car that adapts to its user’s needs.

I started working on a Business Idea called Moducar, a modular car which is going to adapt to the user’s needs, in hope to make technologies that are expensive and out of reach accessible to more people. I have been working on the design aspect of it in the course of the program and am looking forward to building a prototype and future investments. The Startupreneur Venturer Program really helped me kick it off with this idea. I was in a pod and was very stagnant since the pandemic dawned on us all, but this platform gave me an idea of how I should be moving forward.
Meeting people with the same shared goal helped me put things into perspective. Even the material helped me shed light on aspects I didn’t know existed and the activities that followed helped set it in stone. The Masterclasses gave me the opportunity to interact with professionals and gave me an idea of how things work, making the entire program irreplaceable. The whole experience has been really productive and just amazing!
The Startupreneur has been really helpful for me, especially in my role as an Operations lead at IVEDA, where I generate demand by identifying new Business Models which can increase revenue and growth.Though my previous endeavors with designing and executing Business Models have been successful, this year it failed due to the Covid19 situation. Since then I’ve been trying to work on new ideas but it wasn’t very structured. I can confidently state that, following this program I have learnt how to structure an idea, with the best part being that everytime I pursued an assignment with an idea, the inconspicuous problems surfaced, helping me iterate and better them. This program has been especially helpful for my domain.
Since I’m not from an MBA background, I really didn’t have any idea on how a business is supposed to be executed and designed, but this program has really helped me on those aspects. The experiential facet of the program really came out in the Masterclasses as I learnt from the leaders and their experiences, interacted with people in the breakout rooms and have also shared my own experiences and queries which the program has rightly answered.

Idea: Drizzle, India’s First Umbrella Sharing Service

I’ve always been an Idea driven person. This nature as an early entrepreneur has put me in sticky situations since I couldn't completely focus on one particular idea. For the last few years I’ve been into UI and Drones and have only started to focus on one particular idea very recently. During the course of the Startupreneur Venturer Program I started working on my Startup idea, Drizzle, which is an Umbrella Sharing Platform that employs IoT. My own pain points and experiences lead me to this idea and shaping it through this course has been a great experience. After 6 to 8 months of understanding the feasibility of my idea, I finally found the confidence to build the prototype and take this idea forward.
The prototype of Drizzle is almost ready and I’m keen on presenting this idea to investors who can help me establish this in a small scale manner initially. Before joining this platform, I didn’t have a clear understanding of Business Models, especially since I’ve been inclined towards technology, but after joining this program the founders have especially helped me gain a clear understanding of the future prospects of my Business.

Idea: TravelAR, Augmented Reality Tourism App

I would like to thank The Startupreneur for organising such an event and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it. I’ve attended several online courses on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, but the Venturer Platform stands out because it is solely dedicated to the learner and this reflects in its teaching methodology. I absolutely love how the course modules are divided into stages and that after each module I had enough information to complete a Business Pitch Deck.
My personal favourites have been the Technology and Team Building modules, because I believe in order to start a business, it’s crucial to have a strong team and the technical skills and the Startupreneur helped me greatly on this aspect. The outcome of this program for me has been the business idea that I was able to design, that is TravelAR, which is an augmented reality mobile application to assist tourists. This platform aims to show infographics when a user points his device to a culture heritage site and also assist users to find accommodations and hotspots. I am still looking to work from office to office for some more time, but in the near future I definitely dream to create a social enterprise.

Idea: Decentralised cryptocurrency using Blockchain

The Mobile Money available in Kenya has a very long process and is extremely limited in terms of the amount that can be transferred at a go. I’ve been working to build an alternative to MPesa, which would make the money transfer process more efficient.
The existing system’s inefficiency got me thinking about cryptocurrency and its relevance in Kenya, hence I started working on blockchain to address this issue. This platform has helped me shape my idea in a much more comprehensible manner.

Idea: Mushroom Mania, Mushroom cultivation using agri-waste

Our mission through Mushroom Mania is to improve the socio-economic condition of farmers by converting farming into a modern occupation. My team and I have started with effective crop waste management to produce delicious mushrooms and have made good progress so far, despite the pandemic that slowed us down. So far my team and I have built a prototype for humidifiers, the portable grow room and have even cultivated two batches of tasty mushrooms! My team has made a strategic timeline under the guidance of mentors to commercialize it on a small scale shortly in Dakshina Kannada after upskilling farmers for the process following which we shall collect for improvement.
I received a great opportunity from the Startepreuner Venturer program, which thrust my idea to the next level. It was a systematic journey from ideation to market with intricate details that shaped our innovation. Though the master classes were virtual it was exciting and interactive, especially the break out room activities where we shared our perspectives, worked on the templates collaboratively and picked up vital concepts clearly. The modules and related assignments were very peculiar and worth looking over and over as they held the wisdom to a successful enterprise.
I started this program not knowing anything about entrepreneurship, but through the venturer platform I have learnt more than I possibly could outside. I had a few ideas in mind and am sure in the future I will have a clear understanding of the process of carrying my idea forward. The modules, activities and breakout rooms have been very interactive and interesting especially in comparison to school. I learnt a lot from the other participants in the program. Thank you to the team for organising this program.
You have to go through life with more than just passion, for change and one would need a strategy for that. I’m grateful to the Startupreneur Venturer Program for helping me draft the strategy to Startup. In the course of the Program, I have really felt a connection with the participants and the experts. The sessions were very interactive despite the fact that we were connected virtually, this program has restored the faith of virtual productive connectedness for me.
I’m really grateful to the backend team who have been in such close contact with me and for having helped me clear my queries throughout the program and the founders especially for drafting such a great program. The entire team of i-TTO has had a great time on this platform.

Idea: Skilled-Knowledge, A Knowledge and Skill Platform

When we were back at home, we had virtual learning and I didn’t have much going on, so I decided to take up an entrepreneurship course on this platform. I really liked the fact that the slides in the platform gave me the knowledge and skills, while the experiential activities allowed me to practically apply those skills,which made it a very amazing experience for me. Everytime I faced the login issues in the program, the technical team helped me solve them well in time.
I have come up with an idea of a knowledge and skill platform to help individuals go about the post-pandemic world, because in this time and age knowledge is becoming obsolete at a very dramatic rate and that is why I think that skills are a necessity. In the future, I hope that everything I’ve learnt from this platform will help me build my online learning platform and also help me start a business on ground.
The venturer platform briefed me on all the elements of starting up in the best way! The activities in each module gave me a clear understanding of the concepts and made me think creatively and helped me do some research and delve into the unexplored aspects in entrepreneurship. Though I started the program with no specific idea in mind, the program has helped me develop an interest in entrepreneurship and I hope to start my venture in the near future. This platform is the best one out here for individuals looking to create their own enterprises!
The program has instilled a sense of confidence in me. It has given me an abstract view of my journey forward as I fulfil my dreams. I felt a sense of accomplishment as I completed each module on the platform, which were simple and concise and had comprehensive case studies. The well curated course content has given me the ingredients to take a better look at my future endeavours and has laid the brick to kickstart my startup journey.